49 and Fabulous

49 and Fabulous

Thursday, May 1, 2014

365 Days until 50 !!

May 2, 2014
So Today I am 49

                       My 2011 Birthday in Chicago,
                           One of my favorites!          
 “I don’t have a problem with my age.”  This is what I tell people when they apologize for asking me how old I am.  Every year, every experience each and every -- heartbreak, accomplishment, really good laugh, new friend made, achievement, failure, mistake, victory -- all of it. Every forty-nine, years, I own it.  It’s mine.  I don’t have a problem with any of it.

     I love the reaction I get when I tell people I am 48, they have a look of shock on their face, followed by “No Way, I don’t believe it. You look great for your age."   Well as if age should look a certain way.  Age is beautiful and...today I am 49.
    I started saying “I’m almost 50” about six months ago.  I know most women will shave a few years off their age, outright lie or hide their age; don’t like to talk about it – I will tell you, that USED to be me.  I will also tell you when this changed for me.

   Women my age really love Oprah.  I am finding younger women aren’t as impressed with her as those of us that grew up with her on TV.  I specifically remember Oprah’s 50th birthday celebration on her show. 

    It really was a party and she said “My first and foremost reaction is hallelujah!!! I'm so grateful.”  She really went big and was a rock star at 50!! This had an impact me…I was turning 40 at that time.  Well, Oprah and I are here to say,

                        AGE is an attitude…

    I decided to take the celebratory attitude of hallelujah!!! and share the next 365 days leading into my 50th birthday next year in 2015.  So what does this mean…well:

1.      I am going to countdown the days, 365 days until my 50th birthday and share some of them with you

2.      Each week I am going to take on something new, try something new and have different categories: adventure, fun, food – letting go and enjoying life and setting up the next 50 years with the attitude of “YES” and hallelujah !! Some will be big, some not so big, but big to me.

My first week of YES !!

    Three years ago I was tested for food allergies, and became gluten and dairy free.  Eating issues have followed me ever since.  I have to be very particular about what I eat and many nights after a birthday dinner out, I will suffer the consequences with an upset stomach and symptoms of food allergies that you don’t want to hear about.

    I had been thinking about getting a Nurtibullet for my birthday, to help in taking that next step in getting cleaner in my eating.  I questioned if I would actually use it. 

    I took these last five days and actually purchased a vegetable green juice (only one a day), to see how I would react and if I would like it.  You can ask anyone on the 12th floor in the New York Univision offices, I made sure everyone knew I was drinking a green juice.

    The only thing I would say is…”I feel juiced!!”  I am now a believer, and my friend Jen (who will also be 50 in 2015 and my Mom have generously offered to buy my Nutribullet for my birthday !
So this week, I followed through with the desire to start drinking juice drinks - to add to my health.

Let’s count this thing down, but more importantly, let’s make every day count. 

            Jen and I on our painting date

Friday, August 3, 2012

DIVA RUN, Long Island, NY October 7, 2012

I haven’t written in awhile and the main reason is that since the Pittsburgh Marathon in May, I haven’t been able to get into a running our workout routine.  

 I’m sure some of you can relate.   

After thinking about it the last few days, I thought I should probably write about the fact that I’m having a hard time committing to and sticking to a running -- since I shared my runs and training with you, I can also share the struggle to (excuse the pun) get up and running.

I know that there are two factors that are keeping me from running and working out.
1.          1. Time (busy, busy – BUZY)
2.          2. Energy (lazy, lazy – LAZY)

I really know we all say it, but I’ve been so busy the last two weeks and it’s been difficult to find the time. Living in New York City - the City lifestyle sometimes gets hectic.  I am REALLY not complaining, but the last two week has been out the door at 8:00am and back hopme at 10pm.

 This next week will be different and I know I can fit a few runs and once I start am hoping I just kick into a routine.

The energy part is well, a nice way of saying that I am feeling really lazy right now.  The heat isn’t helping, but I am sleeping in and pressing that snooze button on a regular basis and I’ve walked right by the gym a few times without even feeling guilty about not working out.  I have a choice, either stay on the couch or get up and run, the couch wins every time.

The next half marathon that I am “committed” to doing is “The Diva” in Long Island.  My co-worker Cynthia has been running and getting ready and if I would even think about not showing up, she would literally kill me.  I am more afraid of Cynthia than I am running a slow pace in a marathon.

I told another friend this week, just register, it helps to motivate you.  I need to register and am committing to you , RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE to register by August 17th

My plan for tomorrow is to get up early to beat the heat – and do a full loop in Central Park, (to and from total 7.5 mile run).  That was also my plan last week and – well that didn’t happen...

So email me, call me, text me, facebook me – send smoke signals, let me know how your training is going.  If you’re in New York, maybe we can make a running date !
Hope you all are well, let’s get this party started !
See you in the Park !

Love Y'all